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Hi all, my name is Christene.  I post mostly one-shots and here's one:

Title: Suprise

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: a light PG-13

Warnings: er its slash...

Summary: Harry likes Draco, but does Draco like Harry? 

Harry knew he wanted him, deep down he knew anyways. Him being Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune. The blonde had been visiting Harry in dreams for months now and Harry's subconscious had been talking none stop about the blonde ever since the school year had began.

Perhaps if Harry would just admit he had a crush on the Malfoy heir everything would have already been worked out. Perhaps if Harry had not been so busy hiding his own feelings he would have noticed Draco's feelings.

How Draco's eyes lingered on his body after an exchange of mild insults in the hall. How Draco's eyes always seemed to find Harry at meals. How his eyes would show a bit of well hide concern when Harry would show-up late to breakfast with black rings under his eyes and then just pick at his food.

Perhaps not.

The day had started out as usually. Harry had woke up from an arrousing dream, fixed his problem in the shower, dressed slowly, and then walked down long after everyone else in his house to breakfast.

He sat down in his normally seat, in front of Ron and Hermione and nibbled at a biscuit while spreading scrambled eggs around on his plate. But most of all he tried to ignore that annoying little voice that was telling him to look over at Draco.

Harry was more than thankful when it was time to go to the first class of the day that was until he remembered his first class was double potions with the Slytherins. Harry trudged along beside Hermione and Ron listening to what they were bickering about in an attempt to distract himself. He took the seat furthest away from Draco's front row seat and made a point of only looking at the board and his notes.

Sometime during the middle of preparing his potion the annoying little voice started up again. 'Harry...Harryyy! Look! You have a perfect view of his arse. Why are you wasting time on this silly potion when you have a beautiful view of Draco? Ahh! Look he's bending over.'

Harry rubbed frantically at his eyes desperate for anyway to shut-up the annoying little voice.
Potions was thankfully the only class the Gryfindors had with the Slytherins that morning so Harry was able to happily, well peacefully at least, enjoy Charms with the Hufflepuffs.

The lunch bell rang. Draco would be there. "Hermione, Ron, you two go on to lunch. I'm not hungry and I have a Transfiguration essay I need to finish." Harry would not be there.

Hermione glanced worriedly at Harry. "Oh alright Harry. I'll bring you a roll to our next class. And you better eat it...all!"

"Alright, alright, Mione," Harry mumble.

"Come on, Hermioneeee," Ron whined pulling at Hermione's hand, "I'm starved." Hermione rolled her eyes but allowed herself to be pulled along anyways.
Harry walked slowly towards the library. He did not really have a Transfiguration essay to finish. He had finished that last Friday when he skipped lunch. He
decided instead he would go sit by the lake.

He turned around and started walking in the opposite direction down the hall. He turned down a side corridor to avoid the Great Hall and made his way through doors that looked a miniture version of the main doors.

It was a pretty day outside in Harry's opinion. Sunny and no clouds on one half of the sky and the other half composed of gathering storm clouds. He walked along the water's edge for a while until he came to one of his favorite spots where a tree limb extended over the water making a perfect bench to sit on .
As Harry had been sitting there the storm clouds were slowly taking over the sky. Harry glanced up happily at the clouds. Maybe it would rain out Care of Magical Creatures and he would not have to hear that fucking annoying little inner voice anymore that day.

Harry heard a crunch of twigs and looked up. He saw a flash of platinum hair disappear into the bushes. 'Damn, queue the voice,' Harry thought.
'Following him Harry. See where he is going. Who knows maybe he came out here looking for you.'

'Do you live just to mess with my emotions?' Harry mentally shouted angrily at the voice. As a result of his anger Harry had been gripping a branch tightly leaning forward slightly. With a loud crack the his handhold broke and he went tumbling into the lake.

'Harry, Harry, I am your emotions.'

Harry let out a mixture between a frustrated scream and a growl.

He dragged himself out of the lake, shaking his head to get rid of the excess water and flicking some of the mud off of his robes. He took out his wand and muttered a cleaning spell then a drying spell.

Harry started trudging slowly to Hagrid's hut. He was halfway there when he realized it was raining. He picked up his pace and was the first one under the protective canopy of tree limbs ready for class.

"'Hullo 'Arry," Hagrid called from a place not far from the clearing. "Wouldn't mind given' me a hand now would ya?"

"Sure Hagrid," Harry started walking cautiously over towards Hagrid's voice. "This doesn't involve sharp claws, long teeth, or poisonous spikes does it?"

"Nah. Saving those things for latter lessons. Right now we have to start out small and boring."

Harry raised an eyebrow and walked on much more confidently now. He entered a smaller clearing and came into view of a small creature with eerie eyes that seemed to be spinning. They were pulling him in. He saw bits of his life flash in the creature's eyes. Hagrid brought him out of his memories.
" Harry, don't look in his eyes yet that's for the lesson. But they're being stubborn little buggers and won't move. So I need you to walk in front of them with this."

Hagrid held up red piece of meat with internal fluids dripping off of it. The creatures started lunging at the meat.

Harry swallowed and reached forward with a grimace. "Sure thing Hagrid."

Hagrid smiled and nodded, signaling for Harry to start walking.

When Harry re-entered the clearing the rest of the class was gathered. The first person he saw was Draco. His hair, still damp from the rain, was hanging limply in his face clinging to the sides of it. Harry took a sharp gasp of air and looked away hurriedly, blushing. Draco's hair was clinging to his face like at the ends of Harry's dreams only this time it was because of rain not sweat.

Harry spent the rest of the lesson imagining Hagrid in a Speedo and determinedly not looking at Draco.

Harry's next period was a free one so he retreated to the library with Hermione and Ron to do some studying. Before long it was suppertime. Harry knew he could not miss this meal; he was starving and Hermione would not allow it.

Harry glanced over at the Slytherin table without even meaning too. He mentally groaned and tried to look away quickly before the annoying little voice started talking again. Too late, 'don't look away. Stare at him, remember every detail of him so when you go to sleep you see his outline against your eyelids.'
Harry shut his eyes, willing the voice to stop. Mistake, he saw Draco's outline etched into his eyelids.

Opening them he found Draco staring intently at him.

When dinner was over Harry made an excuse to break away from his friends. He hid in the shadows along a corridor leading to the dungeons waiting for the blonde to walk by. He would talk to him. He would confess his feelings.

He was coming closer; alone. Good. He walking too slowly; causing Harry to pull against imaginary restraints to try and get to him.
Almost there. Here. Reaching out to grab him. No. Chickening out. Moving back into the shadows.

Suddenly with no warning Draco had Harry shoved against the wall; blocking Harry's escape with his body, not that Harry really wanted to escape, he rathered liked the position he was in now.

"Thought you could surprise me Potter?"

Blink. "No."

"Good." Draco leaned slowly forward and brushed his lips against Harry's. "Because I can surprise you." Draco leant forward again and kissed Harry with all his passion this time.

Harry stood still in shock for a few seconds before he finally reacted, arching up to meet Draco's lips with the same hunger as Draco.

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