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Author: Earla Surwen
Email: frodododo5@hotmail.com
Title: Detentions
Word count: many...
Summary: ?
Disclaimer: These are not my characters they belong to J.K Rowling.yaddayaddayadda I am not making any profit on this. I do it because I can and it is fun
Rating: NC17-ish?
Category: Teensy-weensy bit of Romance, PornWithoutPlot and umm...yeah
Warnings: 14-15 something old boy getting laid?
Notes: read with care*giggles*


Oh not again, thought Harry as Snapes vulture like form swept into his viewing point.
"What is it Professor?"

"You know very well that the unicorn blood goes in after the Phoenix feathers."

"Yes, I do sir"

"Then can you tell me what went through that little brain of yours when you were about to do as I strictly told you not to do!?"

Harry looked blankly at Snape.

"No?", Snape said in a cutting and remarkably sadistic tone.

Harry felt his face turn the shade of a tomato as the Slytherins started sniggering. Snape grinned that evil smile of his and said:

"Tell me, Potter does anything we teach you here at Hogwarts go into that thick head of yours?"

Harry sat there fuming at Snapes mockery. He knew he couldn't cut back with his own thoughts about Snape. That greasy git. And Snape knew this. Every single time he noticed that Harry was about to do something. Even the tiniest of mistakes and Snape would start mocking him and casting foul words in his way. How Harry hated the greasy git!

"I thought so. The silence you have all given us, Potter, only proofs your lack of intelligence."

The Slytherins sniggered and Harry could see all the Gryffindor's casting sympathetic glances his way.

"You could at least have graced us with a simple, No professor", he sneered again.

Honestly that man probably practices his sneers in front of a bloody mirror every day. Perfecting his skill.

"Sorry, Professor Snape", Harry said weakly.

"It takes more that fame and glory to teach the skill of potions, Potter" He spat out the last word like a sour lemon.

As Snape turned his back to Harry and glided back to his own desk he bellowed:

“Detention Potter!”

Harry sighed and went back to work. As the clock rang Harry looked sadly at the retreating back of all the students.

Snape approached him slamming a piece of parchment into his desk.

"You are to write a six foot parchment of the uses of unicorn and Phoenix feathers in different potions and what happens when you mix in the Phoenix feathers before the unicorn blood in the potion we just brewed.

Sneering and once again retreating to his desk. Snape sat down and started grading papers. At least Harry felt pretty certain about that. The red pen was out.

Harry started writing. The uses of unicorn blood and phoenix feathers by Harry Potter. That wasn't difficult. He felt a sort of prickling sensation on his forehead. He looked up. Snape was watching him! Why would Snape be watching him...? Now? Shaking his head and going back to work Harry completed the paper near dinnertime.

Laying the paper neatly down on Snapes desk he went back to pack his stuff. He felt something warm and solid behind his back as he picked up his quill and stuffed it in with his books. Turning around he saw that Snape was standing inches from him. To terrified to even speak Harry just stood there paralyzed. He saw some movement below. Snapes hand came up from underneath all those black folds and for a minute Harry thought he was going to be hit and nearly jumped out of his own skin when Snape stroked his cheek and carefully stroked his tomb over his bottom lip.

Harry looked into Professor Snapes eyes and saw that they were as black as they always were and his face was as white as Harry could remember but it was different somehow. Harry could have sworn he saw Snape blush before he turned around and strided over to his desk. Harry didn't sleep well that night.


Waking up the next morning Harry decided that yesterday’s previous events was some weird attempt to unnerve Harry’s performance at the upcoming quidditch game. He wasn't going to think about this silly and petty attempt to unnerve him on the upcoming match.

Luckily today’s schedule was only with classes in the defense against the dark arts.

"Today you will all write a parchment about the changes a wizard can encounter while being in his animagus form. You will deliver it in an hour. Right...You may begin."

Several quills started to move busily over the given scrolls.

“Harry, a word if you please?”

Remus wandered into his office with Harry tagging along behind him. Harry closed the door and sat down in one of the chairs near Lupins desk. Remus sat in the chair beside it.

“Harry I don’t know how to say this…but have you done anything wrong lately?”


“Not that I know of.”

“Well I don’t know if you noticed but yesterday under dinner I caught Snape staring at you several times.”

Harry flushed to a beat red colour. Remus looked at him with a knowing smile.

“Ahh…so you have done something wrong?”

Harry suddenly started rambling:

“I didn’t do anything wrong. He touched me but I didn’t do anything wrong I swear. I left right after that.”

Lupin looked as if this was the last thing he expected Harry to say.

“He did what to you!!!?”

Harry realized what he just said and flushed to an even redder colour.


“Harry…”,Remus said warily.

“He stroked my cheek alright nothing more.”

By the looks of it Harry had never felt so uncomfortable. What he least expected Remus to do was laughing at him. Straight in his face.


“No seriously what did he do to you?”

“He stroked my cheek alright! You happy now? Snape the bloody fucking greasy git stroked my cheek.”

Now Remus was gaping openly like a stranded fish. Then he got a peculiar look in his eyes.

“Harry?” He leant forward. ”Have you ever kissed someone?”

Feeling himself flush he stuttered forth: “Yes once in my fourth year, I kissed Cho.

“Did you like it?”

“I guess…”

“Have you ever kissed a man, Harry?”

Harry’s eyes widened and his eyes followed Lupins hands as they slid up his knees to rest at his thighs.


Remus dragged Harrys chair and Harry himself closer to him. Harry felt his breathing quicken a pace.

“Would you mind it terribly if I did?”, Lupin added in a hoarse whisper. And he leaned closer for every word. And as Harry said:

“No”, once again, he could feel Remus’s breath hot and panting against his face and lips. The werewolf’s lips moved slowly across his bottom lip. Harry could feel the end of Remus’s tongue and moaned happily as it stuck into his own mouth barely touching his upper lip. Remus moved one of his hands up to Harry’s face while the other stroked his thigh. Suddenly a heavy knock echoed in the room. Harry backed away and for a moment Remus could not tear his eyes of Harry’s flushed face and swollen lips. Slowly he rised from his chair and sat behind his desk, pretending that nothing had happened.

“Come in!” Lupins voice startled Harry out of his pleasure reviére.

The person coming in the door was no other than Professor Snape.

“Ahh…Lupin I was wondering…”

Snape stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that the Golden Boy was also in the room. Flushed and…his gaze fell on his lips. Was he imagining it or was Potters lips swollen? He looked at the oddly placed chair which was by the way placed so close to Potter that he had a problem not imagining certain scenarios involving the werewolf and Potter snogging in various positions. Barely managing to keep a strait face as he stood there with his back to the closed door.

“Yes Severus? Was there something you wanted?”

In the name of Merlin! Lupins lips were swollen to! They couldn’t have? Could they? Looking over at Potter he saw that he was twitching in his seat and that a quite large bulge were trying to find it’s way out of his pants. They bloody had!

“I just wanted to tell you that the wolfs bane potion will be more enjoyable for your taste buds this time.”

With that he turned and left. When the door closed Lupin sagged in his chair an asked Harry:

“Do you think he knows?”,

Harry sat there staring transfixed at his hands.



“I asked you if you thinks he knows?”

“I hope not. Although he looked a bit frightened didn’t he when he fled from our presence?”

Remus grinned.

“How do you think you would reacted if you walked in on me and Snape sitting like we just did?”

“I would have joined in of course”, Harry grinned happily and blushed.

“Would you?”, Remus asked slyly.

He prowled over to where Harry was sitting and kneeled down between his legs. Remus spread Harrys legs and slithered himself in between them. He leant forward and nibbled Harry’s lips. Harry moaned happily. Remus could barely keep himself from ripping Harrys clothes of and shagging him right there and then. Kissing him passionately one last time he backed away.

“Harry, perhaps you would like to join me in my rooms after dinner?”

He looked up at his professor.

“Maybe we could talk some more”

Blushing to a beat red again Harry smiled and practically purred: “Why of course Professor…”

Grinning to himself Lupin opened the door and noticed that all the students were gone. He looked over to his desk and saw a little note that contained the following words:

Dear Professor R.J Lupin
Professor Snape almost threw us out of the classroom telling
us that you and he had an important meeting and would not like
to be disturbed.
Yours truly,
Hermione Granger.

Why would Snape do that? Pondering on the words written on the small note he put the note in his pocket and thought of it for a minute and remembered his little “talk” with Harry later tonight and the words seemed to trouble him no more.

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