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New Chappie!

Hi! I'm back with the next chapter of Reliving the Past.

Please R/R!! It's the only way an aspiring writer can learn and improve!

Title: Reliving the Past
Chapter: Chapter 2 - The Sound of Silence.
Summary: The 7th year at Hogwarts didn't quite go as predicted at the end of the 6th year. Hogwarts stayed open, and return did Harry, coincidentally, after a short visit to Godric's Hollow following Bill and Fleur's wedding. But, there were noticeable changes in his behaviour, and everyone around him. What really happened? We travel from the end of the 7th year back to it's beginning, to discover and recount the most exciting of Harry's tales so far.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word count: 583
Rating: R
Warnings: Strong language, "angst", implications of death.
Disclaimer: Not mine, i'm afraid. All JKR's, apart from the plot and evil character manipulation...*evil grin*. If u'd have asked me that yesterday night, however, i probably would've been rather indignant(and drunk)that it was all mine...:P
Beta: Beta-d by the goddess that is moonflower_rose...any further errors are entirely mine...

Chapter 2 – The Sound of Silence

A/N: This is the promised other half of the story; a sublot called Silence's Story. It all ties into the main plot in the end lol...never fear. Every few chapters (probably every alternating one), ill chuck the next section of this in. Enjoy. I Know it's a bit short, but variation is the key to a good novel, apparently.


Maybe if I don’t do anything, he won't notice. He won't turn around. His glowing eyes won't darken in hate, and he won't hex me into the afterlife. But I can't help it. I have to. I must. If the target is not eliminated before Friday, then I might as well say my goodbyes. I will suffer indescribably if I don’t kill him. But I just can’t. I’m not a vicious murderer who can just swipe an innocent life with the snap of my fingers.

It won't happen. I won't allow it to happen.

I have to break free from this ever-closing ring of destruction. The ring of flames that is consuming me with ever growing velocity and vehemence. Threatening to break through my string of lies and make me come undone.

My master is watching; waiting for me to deliver the body in the heavily charmed silver body bag that he has handed me in utter confidence that I will be able to complete the task.

I backtracked the other day, reminiscing about the glories of life, and was then brought back to reality by a blow to the head by that evil, cock-sucking shit. Master.

I say this with the utmost revulsion, and with good reason. He blackmailed me, but literally charmed everyone else into believing what I was doing was my choice.

Bastard. Stupid, fucking bastard. I want to revolt, and stand up like a man, but he’s far, far too powerful. He could rip me to shreds with powers of his magnitude. Even with the intense training that Severus put me through, my cowardice overcame my logic, and all traces of magic left me.

I fear that it has truly left me, because even with the gifts of immensely accurate Legilimency and the added bonus of being able to perform the Cruciatus curse at a similar degree of power to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Himself, he couldn’t, or didn’t detect any magical tendencies within my soul. It was fear of him that did this. Fear of that bitch that drove the magic from me.

WHY?? Why didn’t I bother to heed the advice of Snape and practice Occlumency? It could’ve at least helped me in trying to deceive him. But no. My arrogance and self-confidence overruled my decision, and now both Potter and I must pay.

And with Dumbledore dead…now Potter is screwed. Truly, royally, fucked. Albus was the one living creature who could stand up to You-Know-Who and win without losing his life himself. And plus, who in the world knows the complex magic that Dumbledore had learned to memory?

He was, undoubtedly, the single most powerful sorcerer of this age; stronger than You-Know-Who, and far stronger than my master. And that’s saying something!

Some of the magic my master can perform… I shudder at the thought of it. It’s petrifying. Utterly petrifying. Thank God he's never used his dark magic on me. I’d rather die than face some of the power that Master wields.

And with that, I turn around sadly, clench my fists in frustration and try to stop the hot tears of exhaustion from overwhelming me, and disapparate.

I have to get away from Master. NOW.

Once again, feedback, be it bad or good, is greatly appreciated. Go on. You know you want to...
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