Young Slash Fans

Because younguns like slash too

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Welcome to young_slashers, a community for slash fans who are a little younger than the norm. You don't have to be a slash writer to join. If you enjoy reading slash, then you're welcome here. Also, you don't have to be "young" to join. Slash fans of all ages are encouraged to join.

Any fandom is welcome here. We want this community to be as diverse as possible, so post away!

As far as the community interests, I've only listed things I am interested in, but please email me and let me know what elese I should add.

Like every other community, we have some rules.

1. Please, no posting stories without the author's permission. If you have the author's permission, then feel free to rec. However, if you post a story, claim it is your own, and somebody knows otherwise, you will be banned.

2. No stealing other's icons unless the person posts them for the purpose of sharing with the community.

3. Stories of all lengths, pairings, ratings and genres are welcome, but be sure to post behind LJ cut with the appropriate warnings if the story deals with sensitive subject matter that may be offensive to some.

4. Writers love feedback, but any flaming will get you banned.

5. And lastly, this is a drama-free zone, so let's just play nice and enjoy the slashy goodness.